Upcoming Aviva Method classes in Nemesbük (close to Hévíz and Keszthely):

Aviva Method 4 hour long workshop (private or group)

During this course we learn the Simple and the Short Methods, the Panic Exercise, the Contracting Exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime, and you also will receive life style and dietary suggestions. In case of interest we learn relaxing and meditational methods (reducing stress, supporting our body's self curing process).

Price: 10 000 Ft

Ovulation Exercises: hour long session

Price: 5000 Ft

Prenatal Exercises: hour long session

Price: 5000 Ft

Incontinence Exercises:  hour long session

Price: 5000 Ft

Postnatal Exercises: hour long session

Price: 5000 Ft

Men's Exercises:  hour long session

Price: 5000 Ft               


(+36) 30 237 30 78